A No Tears, No Fight Guide to Wedding Budgets

Ah, there your fiancé is—waiting at the end of the aisle, standing next to the officiant who will ask you to recite those oft-repeated vows. You’ve waited months, years for this day, and here it is. You’re surrounded by family and loved ones, flowers adorn the walkways, music flits in magically from unseen speakers. It

Roll Call

It is such a cliché at this point (because it’s totally true) that your wedding day flies by, and if you aren’t careful, you may forget certain moments that you would otherwise hope to treasure. This could even include missing a person or two in your mental roll call of who all attended your special

Somethings: old, new, borrowed, and blue

Hello, everyone! Whether you are engaged, hope to be engaged soon, two weeks out from the big day, or just hoping to get all your ducks in a row should the right partner come along one day, or if you are the mother/sister/brother/BFF/aunt/father/gardener of the bride or groom, I extend a “Welcome!” to you all.

The Storm Before the Calm

Your engagement period with the one whom you plan to spend the rest of your life should be cherished, not a dreaded period between being a boy/girlfriend and a husband/wife. This time is not just a means to an end, something to suffer through until your are married, and is not supposed to be consumed